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Phulera known as rail city which covers municipality of Phulera, Rainwal-Kishangarh, Sambhar, and gram panchyats are also connectred to phulera under the Jaipur district in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is well connected via Indian Railways and National HIghways. A fastest growing industrial hub and greenery, adding ecstasy to the place. The connection that Phulera is getting through the DMIC project is the 1st Junction in Rajasthan, is surely a boom to this land.

Phulera is located at 26°52'N 75°14'E / 26.87°N 75.23°E / 26.87; 75.23. It has an average elevation of 387 metres (1269 feet).


    Phulera People rejoice various festivals all through the year along with the exciting and alluring fairs. Also, the people of Phulera are well known for their warm welcome, delicacies, traditional attires, rituals, culture, etc. Irrespective of caste and creed, people come together and enjoy the festivals and fairs held in the Phulera.
    the festivals such as Teej, Diwali, Gangaur, Kite Festival, Holi etc. are celebrated with great fervour and joy. Originating from old traditions, these festivals and fairs are being rejoiced since ages. The lively colours and the means of merriment during these festivals bind the people with harmony and peace. Read to know more about the fairs and festivals held in Phulera.


    Find information about Phulera Junction Railway Station, Rajasthan. If you are planning to travel to Phulera Junction by train, get complete information about Phulera Junction Train station, nearest railway stations and nearest airport to Phulera Junction, distance to Phulera Junction from major indian cities and most of all, list of trains to Phulera Junction. Route Map of trains to Phulera Junction along with Phulera Junction station location map.


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